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Digital Embossing is the new sensation.

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This fantastic innovation makes print positively three dimensional.

print positively three dimensional.
Compared with Digitally Embossed work, ordinary printing will simply leave you 'feeling rather flat'. Digital Embossing will make your message infinitely more compelling. It will make your printing no longer just a visual experience.

Digital Embossing can be used to enhance the majority of coated papers and cards but is most effective when applied to thicker materials. It can also be applied to all laminated products - either Gloss or Matt lamination, however it is most effective over Matt, where the contrast between the laminate and the emboss is striking. The process is equally effective on Litho and Digital Printed work.

Digital Embossing is an environmentally friendly embellishment. It produces no harmful waste products or dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and uses small amounts of power in production.

Digital Embossing is carried out after printing on dedicated equipment.

In order to know where to apply the embossing, the machine requires an Embossing File (or Embossing layer within an artwork file). Digital Embossing Artwork is straightforward to prepare. We need an additional Black Separation with image in all the areas you would like to have Digital Embossing. Because of the accuracy of the process (each sheet is registered optically before printing) even complex shapes can be embossed and it is possible to include half tones in your design (tints of black) which will make the Embossing patterned on the finished page. At the bottom of this 'More information' panel we have provided links to a couple of 'How to' videos detailing step by step the production of the Digital Embossing Artwork.

If you would like us to prepare your black separation, or have a particularly complex embossing project which you simply do not have time to prepare yourself, then we would be pleased to help you for a nominal fee. When you order your Sample you can first choose if you are going to produce the sample yourself or would prefer us to produce it for you. Please note: Our nominal fee is for basic Digital Embossing Artwork. We reserve the right to make an additional charge for a very complex design. Only one design can be produced on each Digital Embossing Sample.

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